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pc蛋蛋预测神测在线_躲了初一躲不过十五 中国足球终有需要面对的那天

   Source of manuscript: Bian Liqun China New Sports


   The National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival are coming as scheduled, and the Chinese ushered in the "extended version" of the Golden Week. For the Chinese National Men's Football Team, it is the horn of assembly.


   Today is the last day of the holiday. Even if it is not difficult to give up a relaxed and far-away life, office workers still need to clean up their moods and return to their stressful and busy days.


   Today, the national football team has once again assembled for the World Cup in Qatar. "You can hide from the first day of the first day but not the 15th." For the national football team at this time, these words are "appropriate". To

今天,国家橄榄球队再次集会参加卡塔尔世界杯。 “您可以从第一天的第一天开始躲藏,但从15天开始则不能。”对于目前的国家橄榄球队来说,这些话是“适当的”。至

On November 14, 2019, in the World Cup Asian Top 40, the national football team lost 1:2 away to Syria. The opponent scored the first goal in the match. After that, Wu Lei volleyed a shot to equalize the score. Zhang Linpeng accidentally got himself behind, causing the national football team to fall behind again. . Image source: Visual China

2019年11月14日,在世界杯亚洲40强中,国家橄榄球队以1:2的优势输给了叙利亚。对手打进了比赛的第一球。在那之后,吴磊齐射得分。张林鹏不小心掉队,导致国家足球队再次落后。 。图片来源:Visual China

   If the World Preliminaries were not postponed due to the epidemic, tonight would have been their match day, and the national football team will face the Maldives under the leadership of coach Li Tie. Not surprisingly, the national football team should be able to draw a successful conclusion to the fans' National Day holiday on this day.


   In fact, the second round match with the Maldives should have been held in March this year, because the epidemic was pushed to October, and it was announced not long ago that it will be pushed to next year. Now that the times have changed, it has brought back memories of Chinese football's impact on the World Cup in Qatar in the past year, and once again came to my heart and mixed feelings.


   In September last year, Lippi, who was "second into the palace", led the national football team to compete in the World Preliminaries. The first opponent was the Maldives. At that time, the national football team defeated their opponents with 5 goals away, and they won a good start at the starting point of a new World Cup impact. The outside world also expects the national football team to rush into the top 12 games under the leadership of Lippi.


   However, in the national football team, things always seem to backfire. After a 7-goal victory over Guam in the second round, the national football situation took a turn for the worse, drew with the Philippines and lost to Syria. Lippi of the "Second Entering Palace" walked away, and the media reporters looked at each other in the news room. In the late autumn night, Chinese football suddenly became a feather.

但是,在国家橄榄球队中,事情似乎总是适得其反。在第二轮对关岛7球的胜利后,国家足球形势变得更糟,与菲律宾并列,输给了叙利亚。 “第二次入宫”的利皮走开了,媒体记者在新闻室里互相看着。在深夜,中国足球突然变成了羽毛。

   However, the Football Association did not "worry" in the selection of coaches. After nearly two months of deliberation, Li Tie, who passed the East Asian Cup assessment, officially became the national football coach at the beginning of the year.


   At that time, Li Tie hadn't thought that before he could show off his skills, a sudden epidemic broke all plans. He was in danger of fighting the fire, but he has been unable to lead the team to appear in the official competition. Even looking at the first year of coaching the national football team, it just passed...


   Li Tie has not been idle since he took office. In addition to leading his team to conduct a training camp overseas, after the domestic epidemic situation improved, he organized a training camp in mid-May. After the start of the Chinese Super League, Li Tie was even more "flashing", shuttled between the stands of Suzhou and Dalian, in order to inspect the players.


  No, in the latest national football training list announced at the end of September, several new faces appeared who performed well in the first stage of the Super League. For example, Tong Lei and Guo Tianyu are rare Chinese football "back waves" that make people shine. Taking advantage of the lack of competition, Li Tie summoned them into this short training camp for a closer inspection.


   In a sense, the postponement of the World Preliminaries is a good thing for Chinese football. Li Tie, who took office in a hurry, can further adjust the national football lineup and transmit his technical and tactical ideas to the players.


   At the same time, it also gave Chinese football a chance to breathe. From the end of last year to the beginning of this year, Chinese football suffered a third-line rout. The national football team defeated Syria in the world preliminaries. The Olympic team suffered a three-game losing streak + 0 goals in the Olympic preliminaries group stage. The national youth team was defeated in the Asian Youth Championship qualifiers and was defeated by Laos. , Cambodia and Yemen are under pressure and missed the Asian Youth Championship for the first time in 26 years. There was a terrible situation in which the National Football, National Olympics and National Youth Leagues lost at the same time within a week.

同时,这也为中国足球提供了喘息的机会。从去年年底到今年年初,中国足球遭受三线狂热。国家足球队在世界预赛中击败了叙利亚。在小组预赛阶段,奥林匹克队遭受了三连败+ 0球。国家青年队在亚洲青年锦标赛预选赛中被击败,并被老挝击败。 ,柬埔寨和也门面临巨大压力,这是26年来首次无缘亚洲青年锦标赛。可怕的情况是,国家足球,国家奥林匹克运动会和国家青年联盟在一周之内同时失利。

  According to the normal schedule, the national football team will play against the Maldives at home and Guam away in March this year, and the Philippines and Syria at home in June. If Li Tie's national team fails to make it to the top 12 matches as expected, it will undoubtedly be another painful blow to Chinese football, which has not recovered from consecutive losses, and the consequences will be unimaginable.


Even more favorable is that with the adoption of the new rules for naturalized players by FIFA in mid-September, the national football team has further expanded the selection of naturalized players. For example, Jiang Guangtai, a naturalized player of Chinese blood, has now represented the national football team. The conditions for playing will be a great supplement to the team's defense.


   In this training camp, Li Tie has already summoned Jiang Guangtai into the list, and Fernando, who has already been naturalized before, is also newly selected into the national football team. There are currently 4 naturalized players in the National Football League, and the two naturalized players Luo Guofu and Alan have not been recruited this time.


Compared with Lippi's national football team in the first half of the top 40 games, today's national football team has a lot more choices in available players. As far as the newly recruited Jiang Guangtai and Fernando are concerned, they are both real and instant fighting power. , With them, at least added some chips to advance to the top 12.

与前40场比赛的上半场里皮的国家橄榄球队相比,今天的国家橄榄球队在可用球员方面有更多选择。就新入职的江光泰和费尔南多而言,它们既是真实的战斗力,也是即时的战斗力。 ,他们至少增加了一些筹码以进入前12名。

I have looked forward to the second half of the game many times before. Simply put, it is to seize the advantage of having 3 home courts in 4 games. Under the premise of winning the Maldives and Guam, remain unbeaten against the Philippines and against the hopeless Syria. Time to fight for victory, so that the initiative to advance to the top 12 can be in his own hands.


   Objectively speaking, the addition of naturalized players has indeed increased the strength of the national football team. But everything has two sides. After using the trump card of naturalization, the outside world's expectations and requirements for the national football team will only increase, and will not decrease. At least from the perspective of the people who eat melons, when the national football loses, there is another angry direction.


   For Li Tie, too, the pressure has only increased. In the context of the global epidemic, the national football team is facing the difficulty of warming up and has been unable to hone the lineup. It is still unknown how successful the national football team under Li Tie has.


   On March 25 next year, the national football team will face the Maldives, thus starting the second half of the World Preliminary Top 40. If you qualify successfully, there will be a more cruel round of 12. Maybe it can still breathe now, but whether it is a blessing or a curse, Chinese football will eventually have to face one day. I hope this time the end is blessing, just like 19 years ago.