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A few days ago, Messi and other Barcelona players collectively spoke on social media about the 70% pay cut during the epidemic. They wrote in the statement: "We are always willing to lower the salary because we fully understand that this is a special situation. If necessary, we will be the first to help the club. Surprisingly, someone in the club tried to put us in the public and the media. Under the magnifying glass, we are forced to do something we would have done."


As soon as this statement came out, the discussion about the intensification of the conflict between Barcelona's top management and the players once again raged.


This is not the first time Messi has expressed dissatisfaction with the top executives overtly or secretly this season.


In February of this year, the club’s technical secretary (actual job is the sports director) Abidal expressed in an interview that “many players did not work hard enough when Valverde was coaching”. Messi responded angrily on social media: "I think you must give a name when you mention a player, or you're splashing dirty water!"


Fortunately, Bartomeu explained to the players in the end and was accepted by them.


And this time, in the context of the pandemic in Europe and the overall pay cut in football, Barcelona first reported the news that "four captains have accepted the club's salary cut", but then it turned to "players rejected the first salary cut proposal." "Message. It wasn't until the club officials announced a 70% pay cut that the players made a sound on social media that "someone inside the club used public opinion to pressure".

而这次,在欧洲大流行和足球整体减薪的背景下,巴塞罗那首先报道了“四名队长已经接受了俱乐部的减薪”的消息,但随后转向“球员拒绝了第一项减薪提议” 。” “消息。直到俱乐部官员宣布减薪70%,球员们才在pc蛋蛋预测神测在线社交媒体上发出“俱乐部内部有人利用舆论施加压力”的声音。

Not only May’s boss, but Suarez, Busquets, Pique, Dembele, Griezmann, Ter Stegen and others have kept up with the formation, that is, the entire first team.

不仅May的老板,而且Suarez,Busquets,Pique,Dembele,Griezmann,Ter Stegen和其他人都跟上了队伍,也就是整个第一支队伍。

Counting further, it is not difficult to find that there are other Barcelona players who are dissatisfied with the top. It's just because Messi has a lofty status within the team and the club, and he is often labeled as "high-powered" and "control the locker room" in public opinion, so he will stand up and attract most of the firepower.


Pique is often responsible for the other part of the firepower.


During the time when the "Barça Hire Black Public Relations" was making a lot of noise, the team reporter of "World Sports" posted on Twitter that "Barça fans are not that easy to be manipulated", which is regarded as a high-level Whitewash. Pique retweeted this tweet with a Catalan word Titella, which means: puppet.

在“巴萨雇用黑人公共关系”引起轰动的时候,“世界体育”的团队记者在推特上发布了“巴萨球迷并不那么容易被操纵”的消息,这被认为是级别粉饰。 Pique用加泰罗尼亚语Titella转发了这条推文,意思是:木偶。

There are more straightforward.


In September 2019, the "World Sport" published an article describing how the Barcelona locker room controls the club. The content is explosive, exciting, and informative.


——"People say that Abidal is the sports director in charge of the transfer, but the real power is in the locker room."


—— "The big guys in the Barcelona locker room used social media to discredit Dembele and pressure the club to sign Neymar back." This article is clearly aimed at Messi and Suarez.


——"The club was already very close to signing the royal center defender Inigo Martinez, but because this would affect a player who was in bad shape but had a great reputation at the same position, the club had to give up." In other words, it was almost a matter of writing out the "P" and putting it on the fans' faces.

-“俱乐部已经非常接近签下皇家中锋后卫Inigo Martinez,但是因为这会影响身材不好但在同一位置享有很高声誉的球员,俱乐部不得不放弃。”换句话说,写出“ P”并将其放在粉丝脸上几乎是一个问题。

After this article appeared, Messi organized a dinner for the whole team (including coach Valverde) the next day, which was obviously discussed at the dinner. After playing Getafe a few days later, the reporter asked Pique in the post-match interview "whether the team dinner played a role in unity?" Pique answered the camera.


"The dinner is very useful and everyone communicates very well.


In short, in the past few years we have often seen this cycle in the media: shocking Barcelona players infighting → players publicly deny and point the finger at the management → high-level denials are behind the scenes and appease the team.


Why is this happening? Let's start with the high-level reviews of this session.


How is the work of the senior management headed by Chairman Bartomeu doing?


First of all, in terms of income generation, it can almost be regarded as a perfect score. Since Russell resigned in January 2014 because of the "Neymar transfer incident", Bartomeu, who was replaced as chairman according to the charter, has led the club to gradually usher in a big financial harvest.


Barcelona has opened many offices of different levels in New York, Hong Kong and other places, and gave them a lot of autonomy to manage product sales and business cooperation in the local market. As a result, unlike other clubs who mostly used traditional "money for advertising", the Barcelona brand has participated in a large number of short- and medium-term activities in the global market, which has brought about a gradual increase in business income and a leap last year.


In the 2018-19 season, with a revenue of 841 million euros (excluding transfer fees), Barcelona topped the Deloitte club revenue list for the first time in team history. This is the first time in history that a club has a single season revenue exceeding 800 million, which is more than 80 million more than the second-placed Real Madrid.


It can be said that it was Bartomeu’s leadership that gave the Nou Camp underground mines.

可以说,正是Bartomeu的领导赋予了Nou Camp地下矿山。

However, the standard for fans to measure the success of a club is not the financial report but the standings, not to mention that Barcelona is still a membership club with no dividends. Therefore, in order to turn economic success into competitive success, Barcelona chose a very radical fiscal path:


Can be compared with the old rival Real Madrid.


In the 2018-19 season, the total wages related to the football department of Barcelona were 427 million euros, while that of Real Madrid was 362 million, the difference being close to 65 million. At the same time, because the naked eye can see more money in the transfer market, Barcelona's transfer fee amortization is 60 million more than Real Madrid.


In other words, Barcelona spent 120 million more money on pure sports events than Real Madrid last season. And not just last season. In recent years, Barcelona has spent tens of millions to 100 million euros more than Real Madrid in direct sports each season. Although Real Madrid saves money to refurbish the Bernabéu, Barcelona also plans to rebuild the Nou Camp.


As mentioned earlier, Barcelona's revenue last season was 80 million more than Real Madrid, and this is just a go-ahead. So the question is, where did the extra money come from?


The answer is: borrowed.


Last season, the net cash flow of financing activities shown in the Barcelona cash flow statement was 204 million euros. What does it mean?


Under normal circumstances, short-term aggressive strategies are actually no problem for Barcelona. First, we must seize the last peak of Messi; second, both inside and outside the industry, they have great confidence in Barcelona's annual debt repayment with sufficient revenue. But the problem is that the epidemic interrupted the club's normal process of earning income, which caused Barcelona to have to cut salaries across the board, which is a different situation from Real Madrid, which has conservative finances and few loans on its accounts.


Back to the Barcelona high-level.


Why are they so aggressive, not hesitating to overdraft their future income to continuously spend money? What is important is the results in the arena, especially the Champions League.


But the result? The Champions League has been reversed consecutively. Coutinho, who was bought with a lot of money, could not adapt to the loan and went to Bayern. Dembele has changed from an iron man in Dortmund to the current glass. Griezmann's performance this season can only be regarded as unsatisfactory. The three big purchases are all unsuccessful.


Therefore, people's impression of Barcelona's top management can be summarized as: 100 points for making money and -120 points for spending money.


As we all know, Barcelona is a membership club, and the chairman is elected through member voting. This impression is really unattractive to votes.


Bartomeu announced last year that he would not participate in the 2021 Barcelona presidential election. At the same time, he also said that someone at the top can be qualified for the new Barcelona chairman, but he cannot give a name for the time being. Previously the most promising first vice chairman Cardonel also announced that he would not take the initiative to run for the election. Another vice chairman who had just taken office at the beginning of the year became the new favorite, but there was also news that it was Thomas of the board of directors.


No matter who this person is, it is certain that he is closely related to Bartomeu during the six years at the helm. At the same time, in addition to Victor Fonte, who is closely related to Harvey, his opponents are Laporta, the former chairman of Barcelona, ​​who created the Dream Three Dynasty in one hand. The two of them have one of the biggest things in common, they are both staunch opponents of Bartomeu.

无论这个人是谁,在他执掌的六年中,都可以肯定他与Bartomeu有密切的关系。同时,除了与哈维关系密切的维克多·丰特(Victor Fonte)之外,他的对手还有巴塞罗那前董事长拉波特(Laporta),他一手创造了``梦想三王朝''。他们两个是最大的共同点之一,他们都是Bartomeu的坚定反对者。

In the 2015 general election, Acting Chairman Bartomeu's poll support rate at the beginning of the year was less than half of Laporta's. Half a year later, they counterattacked and shook off their opponents by nearly 20 percentage points, mainly relying on the following three points.


——The series of economic strategies mentioned in the previous article quickly stabilized Barcelona's chaotic accounts during the Roselle period. In this way, won the hearts of the fans.


——Follow-up appointments with meritorious players such as Busquets, Alba, Pedro, Alves, etc., to make Harvey's farewell operation very beautiful. In this way, won the hearts of human fans.


——In 2015, Barcelona won the La Liga, Copa del Rey and Champions League triple crowns. MSN shined, and the reputation of "Dream Phase IV" spread like wildfire. For any school of fans, this is a sweet crit in my heart.

-2015年,巴塞罗那赢得了西甲联赛,国王杯和冠军联赛三冠。 MSN大放异彩,“梦境四期”的声望如野火般蔓延。对于任何学校的球迷来说,这在我心中都是甜蜜的打击。

However, time has passed.


Barcelona lost the Champions League quarterfinals for three consecutive years after winning the Triple Crown that year. Finally reached the semifinals last year, but once again became Ou Nichan at Anfield.

巴塞罗那在当年赢得三冠王之后连续三年输掉了冠军联赛四分之一决赛。终于在去年晋级半决赛,但在安菲尔德再次成为欧尼克(Ou Nichan)。

Meritoriously left the team, Neymar left, Barcelona's successors and replacements were all unsatisfactory. From Arda Turan to Andre Gomez, and then to the three "Mr. Billionaires" mentioned earlier, including Atul and De Jong in the past two years, every one of them carries Barcelona fans when they come. Huge expectations, kicking and kicking became an object of anger.

有功的离开了球队,内马尔离开了,巴塞罗那的继任者和换人都不尽人意。从阿尔达·图兰(Arda Turan)到安德烈·戈麦斯(Andre Gomez),再到之前提到的三位“亿万富翁先生”,包括过去两年的阿图尔(Atul)和德容(De Jong),每位来巴塞罗那的球迷都来了。寄予厚望,一脚踢又成为愤怒的对象。

The grievances accumulated by Barcelona fans inevitably need to find a place to discharge the flood, and the biggest spearhead is naturally directed at the management. However, in the past few years, we have seen a lot of things such as "Enrique accused Pique after losing to Juventus in 17 years", "Pique accused Umtiti after being reversed by Rome in 18 years", "After being reversed by Liverpool in 19 years Messi took the lead in opposing Valverde and other various breaking news.


In these so-called news, the Barcelona locker room is not only full of contradictions, but also often contradicts the coach, intervenes in the transfer, and forces the palace senior.


Is it really the truth?


There has always been a saying that some people in Barcelona’s top management are taking advantage of the media to throw the blame on the players, not to affect the future election of Bartomeu’s designated successor, and to maintain his construction business in South America. Image. The previous "black public relations incident" and the "someone used public opinion to pressure us" published by all the players can be seen as follow-ups brought about by this statement.


There is another way of saying that this is because of Laporta who has always maintained a good relationship with the core players. After the "black public relations incident" came out, Laporta immediately made the remarks that "These demonstrate the incompetence of the board of directors, and they should all resign."


This time the Barcelona players collectively issued a salary reduction statement. He wrote in a tweet: "This isolation allows us to see the unity and commitment of the Barcelona players. Congratulations on coming forward." At the end of the article, I did not forget to attach a #巴托The hashtag of 梅乌out#.


Outsiders may never figure out the truth. At least from the counterattacks of Messi, Pique and others, the disparity between the players and the executives must exist and is still expanding, which is definitely not a good thing for the club as a whole.


The particularity of the membership system once brought many benefits to Barcelona, ​​but the shortcomings of voting for votes have been exposed in this series of events. I hope that this kind of power struggle will not have more adverse effects on the players' performance after returning to the game.