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According to reporter Gan Hui, Shenhua’s new aid Bolanos will participate in the first joint training after joining Shenhua the day after tomorrow. The players themselves are very confident in their abilities.


According to the reporter, on October 3, Bolaños will meet with his new teammates for the first time to participate in the team’s training and prepare for the upcoming second stage of the league. In the Shenhua team, Bolaños will be in Ecuador. The national teammate Martinez and Moreno, who is also from South America, speak the same language, which will help him integrate into the team as soon as possible. At the same time, during his isolation medical observation period, Bolaños has also learned about Shenhua's tactical characteristics and the playing habits of his new teammates through broadcasts and game videos.


Although Shenhua signed short-term contracts with Bolaños and Martinez this time, the contracts are until the end of this year, but according to the reporter, Bolaños is very confident in himself. He said that by the end of the year, Believe that his performance will win the club’s recognition and will get the club’s new long-term contract.


In addition, the reporter said: “Affected by the transfer and quarantine medical observation, Bolaños has not played a game for a month and a half. He needs to get back to his state as soon as possible to get the feeling of the game.”