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pc蛋蛋预测神测在线_21世纪历年NBA第一人:科比占3年 詹皇霸榜至今

Beijing time on October 20th, the US media recently selected the NBA’s first player in the league every year since this century. Kobe Bryant has the best title in the league for three years, and LeBron James has been since 2010. Domination.

北京时间10月20日,美国媒体最近评选了本世纪以来每年联盟第一位球员。科比(Kobe Bryant)取得了三年来的最佳联赛冠军,而勒布朗·詹姆斯(LeBron James)自2010年以来一直是冠军。

  As you can see from the list, the beginning of the 21st century belongs to Shaq O’Neal. The Shark was named the first man in the league in 2000, 2001, 2002 and 2003. In those four years, O'Neal and Kobe won three consecutive championships together, the Sharks' dominance reached its peak, and the league was unmatched.

从清单中可以看出,21世纪初属于Shaq O'Neal。鲨鱼队在2000年,2001年,2002年和2003年被任命为联盟第一人。在那四年中,奥尼尔和科比连续三连夺冠军,鲨鱼队的统治力达到了顶峰,联盟无pc蛋蛋预测神测在线与伦比。

   As O'Neill ages and injuries increase, his dominance declines year by year. In 2004, he belonged to the Wolves. Kevin Garnett won the regular season MVP that year. With the assistance of Kassel and Sprewell, he led the Timberwolves to the Western Conference Finals and created the best result in team history. But in the end they fell in front of the Lakers led by the four kings and failed to make the finals.

随着奥尼尔年龄和受伤人数的增加,他的统治地位逐年下降。 2004年,他属于狼队。凯文·加内特(Kevin Garnett)当年赢得常规赛MVP。在卡塞尔(Kassel)和斯普雷维尔(Sprewell)的帮助下,他带领森林狼队进入了西部决赛,并创造了队史上最好的成绩。但最终他们落在了四位国王的带领下,未能进入决赛。

In 2005, it belonged to Tim Duncan. Although he led the Spurs to win the championship and was elected FMVP in 2003, the championship journey in 2005 was more classic. Although the battle between the finals and the Pistons was not exciting but absolutely Enough. As recognized as the largest power forward in league history, Duncan has only ruled this list for one year.

在2005年,它属于Tim Duncan。尽管他带领马刺队赢得了冠军并于2003年当选FMVP,但2005年的冠军之旅更加经典。尽管总决赛和活塞之间的战斗并不令人兴奋,但绝对足够。作为公认的联盟历史上最大的大前锋,邓肯只统治加拿大28开奖查询结果了这份名单一年。

In 2006, it belonged to Dwayne Wade, who was still very young at the time. The third-year Flash was supported by O'Neill and led the Heat to win the first championship in team history. Wade played during the six finals. Performance, can be called heaven and earth.

2006年,它属于当时还很年轻的Dwayne Wade。奥尼尔(O'Neill)支持了三年级的Flash,并带领热火赢得了队史上的第一个冠军。韦德在六个决赛中踢球。表现,可以称为天地。

   The three years from 07 to 09 belonged to Kobe. Fei Xia dormant for two years after OK broke up. Although his personal abilities have exploded incisively and vividly, the team's strength has become a shortcoming. After getting Paul Gasol in 2007, the Lakers returned to the ranks of championship contenders, reaching the finals for three consecutive years and winning two championships. Kobe also won his only regular season MVP trophy in 2008, and then harvested. Two FMVPs were ordered.

从07到09的三年属于神户。飞霞在分手后潜伏了两年。尽管他的个人能力敏锐而生动地爆炸了,但球队的实力已成为一个缺点。在2007年获得保罗加索尔(Paul Gasol)之后,湖人队重新回到了冠军争夺者的行列,连续三年进入总决赛并赢得了两次冠军。科比还在2008年赢得了他唯一的常规赛MVP奖杯,然后收获了。订购了两个FMVP。

   Since 2010 to the present, the title of the league's first man belongs to James. Since 2010, he has won three regular season MVPs, four championships, and four FMVPs. This season, at the age of nearly 36, he has led the Lakers to regain the NBA championship trophy after 10 years. He is the first person in the league. Return.