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Original title: Deft is really untouchable! DRX stopped in the quarter-finals, and then got zero seals by DWG

原标题:Deft真是不可动摇! DRX在四分之一决赛中停下,然后DWG封印为零

On October 15, 2020, Beijing time, the first match of the quarterfinals of the 2020 League of Legends Global Finals ushered in a duel between LCK No. 1 seed DWG and LCK No. 2 seed DRX. It is worth mentioning that once again, many people are optimistic that DWG can beat DRX, and even the mid laner Doinb of LPL is very confident and said, "DWG can win DRX 3-0." As a result, this game. Just as Doinb expected. In the end, DWG successfully defeated DRX again with a 3-0 total score and advanced to the semifinals.

2020年10月15日,北京时间,2020年英雄联盟全球总决赛四分之一决赛的第一场比赛在LCK 1号种子DWG和LCK 2号种子DRX之间展开了对决。值得一提的是,许多人再次乐观地认为DWG可以击败DRX,甚至LPL的中路选手Doinb都非常有信心说:“ DWG可以3-0赢得DRX。”结果,这个游戏。正如Doinb预期的那样。最后,DWG再次以3-0的总成绩成功击败DRX,晋级半决赛。

Judging from the performance of these three games, although DRX can play evenly with DWG in the early stage, in the overall rhythm, it is obvious that DWG is even more ahead. Even under the same economic situation, DWG still has a lot of initiative. The main reason is that DRX has adopted a quad-core system for three consecutive games. Moreover, while taking out the quad-core system, there is not a single hero in the DRX lineup that can provide stable firsthand and effective control. On the contrary, it is DWG. These three games are better than DRX in the lineup at least. Even Nuguri, who is famous for Carry's top laner, is for the team to choose the functional top laner Ornn in the second and third games. This also makes DWG's lineup more fault-tolerant, and the team battle ability and the ability to find opportunities are also better.


Of course, apart from the lineup issues, Deft's performance in these three games can be described as very sluggish. In the first game, although the female policeman Jia Lulu could play an advantage, he was forced by the opponent to make a double move at the second level, which made the double road lose a lot. Great initiative. In the second and third games afterwards, Deft also chose the very popular ADC hero Senna in this global finals. However, in Deft's hands, Senna did not play very well.