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On September 26, Beijing time, the 5th round of the Chinese Premier League ushered in the focus of the battle. Sichuan Jiu Niu was reversed when the opponent missed one player and scored a goal first. In the end, it lost 1-3 to Changchun Yatai, under Li Yi's command. Jiu Niu released the "duck about to be cooked".


   Although Sichuan Jiuniu did not win 1 win in the first 4 rounds, Li Yi's team is not completely without a chance in the face of the same recent weakness in Yatai. In the first half, the two teams were in a stalemate. Aaron, who has now represented Yatai, retired early due to injury, and Yatai's frontcourt impact was greatly reduced.


   At the beginning of the second half, Sun Jie was sent off by the referee for a foul, and Jiu Niu played one more player in the next game.


   In addition, the Yatai goalkeeper also made a mistake to give a big gift. Zheng Shengxiong headed for the top. Shi Xiaotian judged the direction of the ball in the wrong direction. Although he made a jump, the ball had crossed the goal line as a whole, and Sichuan Jiuniu took the lead!


   But the situation changed suddenly in the next half an hour, and Yatai, who had missed one shot, seemed to be woken up. Duang, duang, duang scored 3 goals in 10 minutes to complete the Jedi comeback!

但是情况在接下来的半小时内突然发生了变化,错过了一枪的亚泰似乎被唤醒了。 Duang,duang,duang在10分钟内攻入3球,完成了绝地复出!

   After the game, Sichuan fans were completely angry, and left a message under the team official Weibo, pointing the finger at Li Yi. Perhaps for the current Sichuan Jiuniu, it is time to make some changes.