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"Aspen" published the content of Rivaldo's interview. The former Barcelona player said that after the national team game and the long journey, whether Messi should rotate appropriately, this can only be decided by the Argentines.


Rivaldo said: "I think the problem with Griezmann at Barcelona is not that he played a wrong position. Griezmann himself might feel that he played a wrong position. The problem now is you (Griezman) needs more confidence so that he can prove his ability at the Nou Camp.


"In the French national team, he adapted to his coach and adapted to the French team's system. These have lasted for many years. In Atletico, Griezmann took some time to adapt, and then in several seasons, he Become a dazzling star of the bed sheet army.


"He wants to believe, but it can be no different (he can also have the same feeling and confidence that he had when he was in Atletico Madrid and the French national team). He has the ability to prove that he can be very good in any team. superior.


"(After the national team's game and the long journey, does Messi need to rest?) This decision is more about Messi's own decision. If Messi wants to continue playing, it will be difficult to convince him to rest. Messi, There should be talks between Koeman and the Barcelona medical team. I think Messi will want to continue playing, and I am.


"Now is the beginning of the season. It is necessary to avoid untimely injuries. Proper rotation is an important way to avoid injuries. But I wonder if Messi is willing to stay on the bench. He always likes it. Play.


"I don't think (salary reduction) is a decision that can get many supporters among the players. A salary reduction will make you lose some support in the team. I am still wondering whether the players now accept the (reduction) from their hearts. Of course, we also know that the current situation is very difficult. We have to wait and see what happens next. But if the salary cut is too large, then among the team’s players, coaches and staff , There will be problems."

“我不认为(减薪)是可以在球员中获得很多支持者的决定。减薪会使您在团队中失去一些支持。我仍然想知道球员现在pc加拿大2.8最准预测网站是否接受他们的(减薪)当然,我们也知道当前的状况非常困难,我们必须拭目以待,接下来会发生什么,但是如果减薪幅度太大,那么在团队的球员,教练和员工中,就会出现问题。 ”