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 Why Spray The Sky? 

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by Jon Miller, M.A., M.Div.

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Criss-Crossing Aerosol Sprays (Chemtrails)


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Watch The Sky!

What Is Atmospheric Aerosol Geoengineering?

Have you noticed the frequent presence of unusually long-lasting emission trails from airplanes stretching across the sky?

These are NOT the normal airplane condensation trails familiar to sky watchers for many decades. Contrails are made up of frozen condensation from a jet's exhaust in certain conditions. Relatively harmless contrails may occasionally extend behind a jet plane from a few times its length up to perhaps a mile or so, depending on the moisture content in the surrounding air being about 72%.

Normal contrails usually occur high in the atmosphere where the air is extremely cold, and dissipate quickly, similar to the mist from your exhaling breath on a cold winter's day.

On the other hand, if you keep your eye on the sky on days with visibility, you will probably notice eventually a whole sector or even the whole sky full of unusually long persistent trails of chemical aerosols. Often you will notice the airplanes, which may or may not be programmed drones on autopilot, at work emitting these trails. These are usually not regular commercial aircraft.

The sprays are not usually coming from the airplane's engine exhaust, they are sprayed from nozzles deployed on the plane for that purpose. They can also shoot out a chemical "bomb" to quickly form a larger mass of artificial material.

Studying these chemical sprays when they are being dispersed, you'll see that they cross the sky and last a long time. Often the trails crisscross each other. They gradually expand out into artificial cirrus chem-clouds, wispy odd-looking streaks, often with abnormal layering or ribbing.

The spraying can be done at any time of day. Gradually a haziness coats the sky, often lingering for hours.

The chemical clouds attract moisture, so various types of water vapor clouds may form from the the artificial ones, eventually increasing the haze.

Natural clouds usually form from high humidity low in the atmosphere. (Thus natural clouds and true jet condensation trails, "contrails", actually arise in TOTALLY DIFFERENT conditions, and are only occasionally mixed.)

The dispersal of the aerosols is usually in the stratosphere above any normal clouds already present, but it is also done at lower altitudes. Once the fake clouds develop, they may look wiry or have wispy hairs, vertical ribbing or spiky edges.

Again, jet condensation trails (like your breath on a cold morning) are NOT persistent, so do not accept an attempt to dismiss chemical trails as abnormally long-lasting "persistent contrails".

That obscuring explanation originates from disinformation agents who are paid and compelled to give false info. Those behind this activity do not want a public discussion nor action to expose and stop it.

The spraying of what are popularly called "chemtrails" is intentionally hidden in plain sight by mimicking jet contrails that become obscured as the stripes fan out into a haze or blend with actual clouds. With either real or fabricated clouds in the sky it is harder to distinguish the chemical trails and the fake clouds they create.

To minimize questioning about it, this disguised spraying activity is not publicized by authorities. Those in the scientific community who are aware of the controversy, are commonly prompted by the threat of ridicule or worse to claim that there is no evidence of the chemical components of what most people assume are normal jet contrails.

There are even several disinformation websites with the purpose of falsely "debunking" the exposure of chemtrails.

Those who are perpetrating this spraying project seek to extend as long as possible the relative lack of public attention to their doing this and the disinformation about it. (Some insiders have indicated that there may soon be a change in policy to public acknowledgement of the chemtrails, along with new disinformation that this spraying is actually good for the planet.)

There is actually conclusive evidence of the aerial spraying of toxic agents, but there are few recognized scientists who have investigated. Scientists are rarely willing to risk their reputation to be mocked for investigating what is purposely labeled a "conspiracy theory" to buzz off qualified investigators.

Those who are behind this unannounced spraying do their best to divert attention from it. There is little coverage in the main media of this quiet project developed in think tanks that strategize world control. If there are research grants from the elite non-profit corporations and foundations to support this program and the analysis of it, the information is not made public.

This spraying process has been introduced incrementally over at least a 20 year period to get the public gradually used to seeing the haze in the sky. In recent years they have brazenly filled the skies with X's and stripes due to the success of their subterfuge.

There are rumors that movie company produced cartoons are now made to reflect the presence of chemtrails, and that they have even redone sky shots in versions of some popular old movies and cartoons, all to make chemtrails seem normal to a mass hypnotized public.

It is difficult to know all the facts when they are obscured by a sophisticated scripted false reality.

Most institutional researchers, along with the few members of the gullible public who might wonder, accept the official false pronouncements by government bureaucrats and the military that these trails are normal but longer lasting contrails, and that there are no chemical aerosols being sprayed.

It is difficult to know all the facts when they are obscured by a sophisticated scripted false reality.

Although the nature of the vastly increased amount of trails in the skies is debated, those who dig into the subject deeply enough become convinced that the official story is either due to purposefully false disinformation, or ignorance by officials who have not been informed under the normal policy of restricted "need to know" in secret operations.

The limited number of highly compartmentalized scientists and workers that are aware of the reality and the chemical make-up of the aerosols either think that these sprays can be justified, or they are kept silent by fear of reprisal. Potential government and corporate whistleblowers are discouraged from acting, perhaps by greater risk than simply losing their job.


Is This About Global Warming?

Officials with insider knowledge about it, when cornered, have cited "stratospheric aerosol geo-engineering" or "climate engineering" for "solar radiation management" (SRM) to reduce "global warming" or for weather improvement as the reason for spraying chemtrails.

In fact, there are questionable international agreements for developed nations to pursue this geo-engineering, purportedly as an environmental trade-off for their greater "carbon emissions".

The metals sprayed in the sky are said to be there for reflecting away sunrays warming the Earth, "solar dimming", supposedly to cool the atmosphere. However, the reduced sunlight is unhealthy for living organisms, contributing to serious vitamin D deficiency in humans and animals, and deterioration and death of trees and plant life.

On the other hand, the sprays are damaging the ozone layer, allowing more UVB rays through, which are also harmful to most living entities. This may be contributing to some of the mass animal deaths.

Geoengineering is also altering ocean currents, causing arctic ice to soften and release methane. That will ruin the atmosphere and the planet. There is also the possibility that the jet stream was moved on purpose, contributing to the unusual weather in the winter of 2013-14 and 2014-15.

In any case, atmospheric aerosol geo-engineering is causing many of the symptoms of climate change that it is supposedly being done to counter.

The notion that global warming is caused by carbon emissions from normal human activities has been called a hoax by some scientists. There is an alternative understanding that this theory was created by the elite powers with their own motives, and initially presented using faulty science by their controlled scientists and public puppets.

Burning hydrocarbon fuels to drive our cars and heat and power our homes generates some pollution. However, the idea that it is a significant cause of global warming, if there actually is overall warming, is not only debatable, it is seriously criticized by numerous credible scientists.

Actually, "the powers that be" are the ones that bound us to oil and gas use for purposes of profit and control, while suppressing free non-polluting energy alternatives (eg., Nikola Tesla's work), that could have been fully deployed long ago. Now after limiting us to primarily carbon fuels for decades, they want to tax us for carbon emissions.

Even the carbon emission alarmists are now using "climate change" as a more universal term so they can point to any severe weather related disaster (often generated on purpose) to support the carbon threat agenda.

In areas of the globe where there is evidence of sustained warming or dramatic cooling, it may due to the geo-engineering itself, or from the natural earth and solar activities that are the primary causes of climate change in general. Humans burning carbon based fuels has a minimal influence on the planet's climate according to many real, credible scientists.

They suggest the "climate change due to human caused carbon emissions" issue is a fraudulent attempt at control of the population by the elite powers. Using what have been revealed to be falsified statistics the progpagandists have convinced many, including scientists, that such human activity is ruining the planet.

Meanwhile they are working to establish opportunities to gain greater profits and population control from the questionable theory that carbon emissions cause global warming or climate disruption.

The alternative view is that the intent of the carbon emissions climate change fraud is for the international powers to justify restrictive control of human activities (U.N. Agenda 21) as they move toward one world government, a global carbon tax to fund this governance system, and expanded manipulation of the weather in part for increasing elite fortunes with weather derivatives and carbon credits trading.

These exotic financial markets were developed by powerful financial interests, who have funded skewed scientific statistics and extensive propaganda to create the global warming paranoia for their own monstrous manipulative agenda, of which chemtrails is a part.


Harmful Purposes

There are evidently other purposes of the chemtrails beyond the claim of reducing solar heating. In fact the artificial clouds actually counteract any cooling they do with the warming from the carbon-retaining blanket they form in the atmosphere.

In 1996 a military document was created called "Weather As A Force Multiplier". It outlined the use of aerosol layers of chemical agents from air tankers to incite, move and intensify storms or to create drought. The concept was developed in the 1980's and implemented at about the time this document appeared.

With advanced technology they can heat the ionosphere and bounce signals off of the metals in the chemtrails. Some analysts believe this may be causing the severe drought in many agricultural areas, as well as the many damaging storms, tornadoes, and earthquakes occurring, and that these are being generated on purpose.

In addition to contaminating soil, water and living things with the toxic metals, Chemtrails and HAARP have exploited the magnetic field, and may have altered it, while harming the ionosphere and fostering climate changes that increase methane release into the atmosphere.

(Watch an intro video about HAARP here and more about it here. Now the military claims that the Alaskan HAARP facility has been taken offline. There are now smaller more mobile technologies that accomplish the same results.)

Further, the metal salts of silver iodide, aluminum, barium, strontium, thorium, cadmium and manganese, some of them radioactive; the sulfur dioxide (maker of "acid rain"), sulfur hexafluoride, ethylene dibromide, plastic fibers and micro-crystals; and the BIOLOGICAL SUBSTANCES, the mycoplasma, mold and fungal spores, algae, bacteria, blood cells and insect eggs; that are being released in the chemtrails, are nearly all harmful to humans, animals and plants.

You and your loved ones are breathing and swallowing these health damaging substances WITHOUT YOUR CONSENT.

Click here for a video interview with two investigators with a lot of information on the alarming levels of poisons with which we are being attacked. You may have already experienced "chemtrail flu".

Learn to identify chemtrails so you can recognize what is going on above and around you, and better understand what may be happening to you.

Why haven't we heard about this in the media? Because those who are behind it also control the media as well as businesses and research institutions involved in this and related projects.

There have been an astounding number of key personnel involved in various secret programs killed in "accidents" or by reported but unlikely suicide. Perhaps their usefulness was subsiding and/or there was a concern of their revealing something.

Not long ago, carbon hoaxer Al Gore planted disinformation about geo-engineering on TV talking with Ellen Degeneris, saying it is something being considered, as though it hasn't been going on for nearly 20 years. His "award winning" propaganda movie, "An Inconvenient Truth", targeted toward those with environmental concerns, is full of bogus information scripted for him to further the elite agenda of global control, while perpetrating a cover story for the harm of their geo-engineering program.

We must not let the fraudulent game of politics and its divide and conquer strategies cloud our perception of reality.

The geo-engineering that has been done so far has caused a greenhouse feedback loop, increasing warming in crucial areas, while perhaps accelerating the oncoming mini-ice age. The softening of the north polar ice geo-engineering is causing results in the release of methane, which, according to scientist Dane Wiggington, is 100 times a greater problem than any other carbon emissions are.

As the environment deteriorates, vast numbers of people may die from starvation and disease or worse. The methane release being caused by chemtrails could make Earth uninhabitable in a few short years if not stopped.


Look Up And Watch The Sky!

What & Why Are They Spraying In The Sky?

We Deserve To Know

Earth's environment is in grave danger from the poisons of stratospheric aerosol geo-engineering, aka chemtrails. Hundreds of species are going extinct, trees are dying in great numbers, and the Earth may become a dead planet.

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